1How much does an English to Italian translation cost?
Translations are priced based on source text volume (i.e. number of words), but that’s not all that matters. The price of a translation project also depends on project scope and text-specific features, technical requirements (e.g. file formats) and client’s specifications (e.g. quick turnaround, second pair of eyes etc.). To receive a clear and exact quote, contact me to discuss your project.
2What is a typical turnaround time for a translation project?
On average, I can translate 1,500 to 2,000 words a day (working days are Monday through Friday).
Please note, however, that my availability and text-specific features also play a role on a project’s turnaround time.
3What are the payment policies?
For orders up to € 50, advance payment is required.
For larger orders, a down payment (25% of the project price) is required.
The balance is due within 30 days of the invoice date.
I only accept payments via wire transfer.
4How do I manage my clients’ data?
Keeping my clients’ data and information confidential is rooted in my DNA.
That is why all data are managed as per the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

For more information, please refer to my privacy policy.
5Which file formats can I process?
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint; XML and HTML; PDF.
The translation of non-editable PDF files is subject to a surcharge.
6Which software tools do I use when translating?
My process includes the use of computer-assisted translation software (CAT tools) to ensure consistency in terminology and style throughout your documents and over time.
I mainly work with SDL Trados Studio, STAR TRANSIT Workstation and my clients’ proprietary software. I also use quality assurance tools (such as QA Distiller and Xbench).
7What is the difference between CAT tools and machine translation software?
Computer-assisted translation software (CAT tools) help professional translators work more efficiently and accurately. With CAT tools, you can setup a project with customised glossaries, reference materials, and the archive of a client’s previous translations. This makes it easier to ensure consistency in terms of style, terminology, and adherence to regulatory standards. The translation is carried out by an expert professional – not by a machine.

With machine translation software, on the other hand, humans play no role. This means no quality assessment is implemented for the source and target text.

With machine translation, errors in the source text (e.g. mm instead of ml) result in errors in the target text – with potentially dire consequences. Similarly, machine

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  • Matthias Kohn, co-owner
    Maria Luisa Barbano has been working for our company as a freelance translator and, based on our cooperation thus far, I can recommend her services. She has provided translations of documents with medical content, such as package leaflets, labels and summary of product characteristics. Additionally, she reviewed the work of other translators working for us. When asked, our project management team confirmed that they were satisfied with the cooperation and pointed out that all the projects were delivered within the time frames agreed upon. In addition, they mentioned that Maria Luisa Barbano was very knowledgeable in her field and they appreciated that she quickly reacts to requests and emails. As we received positive feedback from clients as well, I can recommend Maria Luisa Barbano as a translator and reviewer and wish her all the best for the future.
    Matthias Kohn, co-owner
    Langcor Service GmbH, Germany
  • Molly Naughton, owner
    As a pharma translation agency, having a responsive team of skilled high-science translators is crucial. Maria Luisa is a consummate professional with impeccable language skills and attention to detail. We can’t do what we do in Italian without her. On top of this, she is a pleasure to work with.
    Molly Naughton, owner
    AiaTranslations, USA
  • Federica Borgini, owner

    Our professional paths crossed in April 2016. Since then, our cooperation with Maria Luisa – regarding the clinical research field – has become closer and closer, with mutual satisfaction.  Maria Luisa is clearly a mainstay of our translation team for her extreme accuracy and valuable cooperation for the translation of informed consent forms, protocol synopses and other essential documents for clinical trials. Team work means encourage each other to constantly improve, and grow together professionally through confrontation among peers. This is the kind of cooperation we have with Maria Luisa, and the reason why we really like working with her.

    Federica Borgini, owner
  • Documentation and Translations Coordinator

    We have worked with Mrs. Barbano on various translation projects from different business areas, such as communications and HR, also including more specific scientific texts. On every occasion we found her very competent, prepared, reliable and interested in our subjects. Therefore, we will be glad to continue to rely on her linguistic competence and we will gladly use her translation services again in the future for all these fields.

    Documentation and Translations Coordinator
    Dr. Schär AG / SPA
  • Silvia Cola, senior project manager

    I have had the pleasure to work with Maria Luisa on a variety of translation projects from English into Italian (software localization, user assistance documentation, eLearning) and I have been delighted with her work! I highly value her language expertise, technical knowledge and professionalism. Her flexibility and ability to adapt to our project requirements are greatly appreciated and I know that I can always expect a quality service from her. Thank you, Maria Luisa!

    Silvia Cola, senior project manager
    Capita Translation and Interpreting
  • Emanuela Rodriguez, Owner

    Excellent and reliable translators are the building blocks of any translation agency...well, Maria Luisa is certainly one of them! Good work as ever.

    Emanuela Rodriguez, Owner
    Global Design and Language Solutions
  • Vendor manager

    Maria Luisa has worked with us since 2016 and we have found her to be conscientious, reliable and professional in all aspects of the translation work she has undertaken for us.

    Vendor manager
    Parallel Translations Limited
  • Edulis Merenpohja, senior project manager

    Good Italian translator (worked with her for translation of technical documentation such as cameras, printers, monitors, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Fast response, communicative and reliable!

    Edulis Merenpohja, senior project manager
    Yamagata Europe
  • Luca Ruella, Owner

    Very reliable under every aspect. A pleasure to work with.

    Luca Ruella, Owner
    Amber Translations
  • Aleksandra Wojtkun, vendor manager

    We have worked with Maria Luisa predominantly for a client operating in the photo editing/desktop publishing industry. The projects are challenging, as they require a combination of various types of expertise: UI localization, Mac terminology, field-specific terminology, as well as Passolo usage. Maria Luisa masters all of it. Apart from that, she is also reliable and friendly in communication. We are thus very satisfied with her work.

    Aleksandra Wojtkun, vendor manager
    Milengo GmbH
  • Marlies Hendrickx, project manager

    Our experience with Maria Luisa was positive. She was punctual, communicative and she delivered a quality translation.

    Marlies Hendrickx, project manager