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March 26, 2020
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April 27, 2020

Translating Health’s COVID19 Glossary

Translating Health’s English-Italian COVID19 glossary - a useful tool for translators and health providers

Coronavirus: infodemics and disinformation

Since the coronavirus outbreak started, at Translating Health we have felt the need of new tools to foster an accurate understanding and communication of covid19-related contents. We are being flooded with new concepts, new words, foreign words, half translated half not, and quite often misunderstood, misspelt, and misused. These feverish times do not allow for much in-depth analysis, so, predictably, inaccuracies spread out uncontrollably.

Translating Health’s contribution - our English-Italian COVID19 Glossary

At Translating Health, as medical translators we felt this call of duty – to give our contribution as linguists. This glossary is the outcome of such an effort (click here for an Excel-format version). We hope you will find it useful, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, to expand it and improve it. We started from an English-Spanish glossary compiled by Dr Paz Gomez Polledo, whom we would like to publicly acknowledge and thank here. A few terms and acronyms from her glossary were replaced, others were added or localised based on the Italian setting, on our work experience or by referring to further glossaries. Please see the references in the glossary file for further details. Enjoy!

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