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April 23, 2020
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May 20, 2020

Translator team vs. translation agency

Freelance translator or translation agency? A team of professional translators can be the perfect solution for your needs!

If you are not very familiar with the translation industry, choosing a translation service provider may be difficult. The first dilemma usually is: should I contact a translator or a translation agency? Provided that you choose a professional and experienced translator or a quality-oriented agency, both are viable options, but there are pros and cons in both cases. Ombretta Metelli, a Translating Health's team member specialising in clinical trial documentation, explains them in detail.

Working with a translator - pros and cons

Working directly with a translator, you have many advantages. You have a direct and quick communication, you can build a working and professional relationship with a specific linguist, and it’s you who decide who to work with. But usually, a single translator only translates into one language, has limited capacity in terms of word volumes and cannot provide a peer review.

Translation agencies - pros and cons

A translation agency can translate your content in many languages by coordinating a pool of translators, and can handle large volume of words. But agencies rely on their translators’ availability and could well use a different translator every time, so that you do not know who is translating your contents and what the quality of their work is. Furthermore, communication with agencies can be slower and less efficient because you cannot get in touch with the actual people who are handling your translation project.

🎯 A team of professional and highly specialised translators can be the perfect blend of quality, personal and professional relationship and prompt the kind of communication you are looking for.

A translator team - what’s in for you

A translator team like Translating Health can combine the advantages of a single translator with those of an agency, by providing:

- Quality – you work directly with the translators who will take care of your contents, who only accept projects if they have the right expertise and experience to handle them, and therefore you can be confident that they will deliver a quality product
- Capacity to handle large projects
- Review by a second linguist (‘four-eye’ principle)
- Direct and quick communications – the project moves on faster and you can contact the team directly, skipping the middleman, thus receiving immediate and reliable replies to your queries, specific needs or doubts, and expect a rapid implementation of last-minute changes or requests
- No overhead costs

Need to translate a health-related content into Italian?

Translating Health is a team of five medical and pharmaceutical translators with almost 100 years’ combined experience. We have diverse backgrounds, professional contacts and a range of skills that we routinely share to complement each other and to guarantee top quality for your peace of mind.
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Freelance translator or translation agency? A team of professional translators can be the perfect solution for your needs

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